Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl Dating Marks




1. Royal Copenhagen Dating by back stamp and painter's number before 1935 

Pre-1900.gif (14369 byte) RC1894-1900.gif (25776 byte) RC1924-1934Painter.gif (16365 byte)
Pre-1900 1894-1900 Pre-1923 mark with Painter's number 1924-1934 with Painter's number

2. Dating by painter's number or initials

Painters.gif (52592 byte) RClowercase.gif (61735 byte) RCuppercase.gif (41305 byte)
Painter's number 1893 -1928 (193).  Painter's initials lower case till about 1950 (ffx) with the addition of "x"  simply a form of fecit = painted by Painter's initials upper-case letters  (a few appears before 1950) until present

In the Collector's Guide by Caroline & Nick Pope you will find a list of the known painters with number-signature and their working period at Royal Copenhagen. Also the data of the designing artist will be an important indication of possible age.



3. Dating by back stamp 1935 - 2002 Royal Copenhagen Denmark Bar above a letter in Royal or Copenhagen Bar below a letter in Royal, Denmark or Copenhagen A bar above two letters in Royal until 2009. A bar over a letter in Royal and a bar below a letter in Copenhagen starting 2010.
R 1935 R 1950 RO 1985-1991
O 1936 O 1951 RY 1992-1999
Y 1937 Y 1952 RA 2000-2004
A 1938 A 1953 RL 2005-2009
L 1939 L 1954 Over R and Under C 2010-2014
C 1940 D 1955    
O 1941 E 1956    
P 1942 N 1957    
E 1943 M 1958    
N 1944 A 1959    
H 1945 R 1960    
A 1946 K 1961    
G 1947 C 1962    
E 1948 O 1963    
N 1959 P 1964    
    E 1965    
    N 1966    
    H 1967    
    A 1968    
    G 1969-1974    
    E 1975-1979    
    N 1980-1984  




Bing & Grondahl Backstamps or factory marks 1853 to 2003

It is possible to date pieces from Bing & Grondahl porcelain looking at the factory mark at the base. B & G, Bing & Grondahl refer to the founders: Fred. Vilh. Grøndahl (1819-1856), technical director; the brothers M.H. Bing (1819 - 1883) and J.H. Bing (1811 -1896) as economical directors. The three tower in the hallmark comes from the City Coat of Arms of Copenhagen.  


BGT1853-1895.jpg (7918 byte) BGT1895-1897aa.jpg (7246 byte) BGT1898.jpg (16915 byte) BGT1898-1899.jpg (17876 byte)  BGT1902-1914a.jpg (23091 byte)


B&G (Blue)


Danish China Works Copenhagen (Green) B&G (Blue)


B&G Copenhagen Danish China Works (Green) B&G (Blue)


B&G  Kjøbenhavn Danish China Works (Green) B&G (Blue)


B&G Kjøbenhavn, Made in Denmark (Green), B&G (Blue)

BGT1914-1915a.jpg (20273 byte) BGT1915-1948b.jpg (26165 byte) BGT1948-1952b.jpg (22025 byte) BGT1952-1958a.jpg (25111 byte) BGT1958-1962b.jpg (24012 byte)


B&G Kjøbenhavn, Copenhagen (Green) B&G (Blue)


B&G Kjøbenhavn Danmark (Green) B&G (Blue)


B&G Kjøbenhavn Danmark B&G (Green)

1952 -1957

B&G Kjøbenhavn  Made in Denmark (Green)

1958 -1962

B&G Kjøbenhavn Danmark  Made in Denmark (Green)

BGT1963.jpg (12168 byte)

BGT1966.jpg (24427 byte)

BGT1970-1983b.jpg (19005 byte)

BGT1983 -1989b.jpg (33119 byte)   


B&G Kjøbenhavn Denmark  (Made in Denmark) (Green)


3 towers B&G Copenhagen Porcelain Made in Denmark (Green)

1983 -

3 towers B&G Copenhagen Porcelain Bing & Grøndahl Denmark (Green or brown)

1983 -

Still seen on plates, year figurines and collectibles and dinner service, which is continued as B&G after the merge with Royal Copenhagen in 1987



The above list is based primarily on Christmas Plates*. There might be an uncertainty of one year, when it change to a new back stamp. Also I found that at least on Christmas plates in the 1960s there seems to be some mix up of the back stamps. On figurines with less room for the stamp - the different partial markings make it even harder to date the pieces.  Please email your comments, questions, suggestions and corrections.


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